Hire Resources, Inc.

Helping business grow through:
Small Business Marketing, Career Coaching and Talent Search. 


Hire Resources, Inc will help you:

  • Formulate and implement a marketing strategy to find profitable clients and customers.
  • Attract qualified, trusted talent to your business.
  • Develop career growth and job search strategies.

Paula Marks, CEO

"Behavior drives people - People drive business"
Paula is a dynamic speaker, syndicated columnist with television and radio appearances sharing expertise with diverse audiences. She is a veteran talent search professional and seasoned career coach.


Paula’s business contacts are global and rooted in a lifetime of reaching out to making connections and building relationships with professionals across diverse industries and walks of life. Her networking philosophy is to be up close and “personal” with a memory that is more efficient than an electronic database.


Working with integrity and professionalism is everything to Paula and this means working closely and diligently with businesses and individuals to understand their needs and most importantly exceed their expectations.

Innovative Thinking.

A quote often heard from her clients is: “I never thought of it like that.” Her fresh approach and clear thinking bring clear solutions to complicated problems.

Business Marketing Guru.

Growing businesses is her passion. Her connection resources and creative solutions have helped businesses in a wide range of industries including: marketing, finance, operations, healthcare, transit, consumer products, insurance, not for profit, retail and management consulting.

At Hire Resources we are problem solvers.

Thinking horizontally and vertically in the abstract at the same time, Paula makes not just the right connections but the unlikely ones a well when developing and identifying talent, and matching people, opportunities and positions.

She enjoys weaving people together... forming unique and perfect patterns to support the fabric of successful careers and businesses.


Hire Resource's Expertise

Paula makes your life easier by connecting you with the right people, businesses and opportunities that you need to succeed.


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