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laid is the perfect description of the mind and work of Paula Marks, who has been crisscrossing and connecting people to each other for more years than she can count — professionally, she’s been doing it for more than three decades.

Thinking horizontally and vertically (and colorfully) at the same time, Paula makes not just the likely connections, but the unlikely ones as well, when identifying talent, and matching people and positions. Weaving together perfect matches in the marketplace is her hallmark.

Looking for your next vice president of finance? The gentleman she met in a midtown coffee shop eight years ago, whose life story she knows like the back of her hand, might be a perfect fit.

Need to target your resume to reach your dream employer? Paula’s old boss’ husband’s partner, whom Paula has known for years, is a board member of that company and will surely know just the right angle.

Paula’s business contacts are top-notch (she doesn’t talk to just anyone in coffee shops), rooted in a lifetime of successful human-resource management, executive recruiting, and an unparalleled and vast maze of professionals. She jokes that she started networking in utero; she began developing her skills long before computers did such things for you and finds that her amazing memory allows her to trap data and access it precisely at the moment it is needed — often faster than her electronic databases. Her renowned networking skills in personal and professional arenas have earned her the nickname “The Queen of Networking.”

With integrity and professionalism, Paula works with both corporate clients and individual candidates to ensure both sides’ needs and expectations are not just met, but exceeded. She specializes in executive and general-management positions in diverse functional sectors — including marketing, finance, sales, operations, healthcare, consumer products, insurance and management consulting — with an emphasis in human resources and consumer retail/wholesale.

Paula is a dynamic speaker, nationally syndicated columnist, and sought-after television and radio personality, sharing her expertise with the masses. She is a veteran executive recruiter and a seasoned career coach.

Paula Marks weaves people together, forming unique and perfect patterns to support the fabric of successful careers and businesses.

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